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Komatsu Genuine Parts
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Original Filter
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Komatsu Genuine Parts
Genuine Spare Parts and Advantages

Assembled parts become components and assembled components become construction machines. For example, an excavator has an engine to generate power, a hydraulic pump to transmit engine power, an undercarriage system to move equipment, arm cylinder, boom cylinder and bucket cylinder to excavate on earth. All systems are designed to convert power to performance

All systems are designed to convert power to performance

Generated power in combustion chamber is transmitted to crankshaft, crankshaft drives hydraulic pump shaft, hydraulic pump starts rotation and provides pressure on hydraulic oil, oil flows through valves and hoses to undercarriage system and also into arm cylinder, boom cylinder and bucket cylinder to excavate or to load.

Long R&D periods and technological know-how are required to produce economic and strong equipments for customer satisfaction. Komatsu is one of the leader manufacturers that design all parts on Komatsu equipment. Komatsu spends large percentage of its turnover on R&D operations. Komatsu considers equipment and spare parts quality at first place.
Orijinal Yedek Parça Orijinal Yedek Parça
Non-genuine metal Non-genuine valve

Spare Parts: Why? Compound parts of equipment are precisely designed before production. For example, connection rods connect pistons to crankshaft. If metal parts were not placed between connection rods and crankshaft, connection rods and crankshaft would be damaged easily.

Manufacturers research possible damage and weakness on parts and design parts based on research results.
Orijinal Yedek Parça Manufacturers analyse impact and pressure on gears. Surface hardness of non-genuine gears is unreliable. Couple gears should not harm each other. For example, a plastic gear cannot work with a steel gear. They both should be plastic or steel.   

Genuine spare parts have long-life and compensate present cost. Origin of non-genuine spare parts is unknown and it difficult to prove origin of the parts for sellers.

TEMSA GLOBAL is authorised Komatsu genuine spare parts distributor in Turkey. Komatsu genuine parts are under warranty of TEMSA GLOBAL and KOMATSU. TEMSA GLOBAL also guarantees your equipment for any damage during the repair conducting by our technicians. Please contact to our nearest authorised dealer to get fastest service and best spare parts.

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Undercarriage used in machines produced in Komatsu factories Komatsu undercarriage parts are designed in high quality adapted from Komatsu engineering standarts. All the wearing parts are produced together and tested as they are going to work in harmony. All these characteristics obtain higher performans due to the competitors.
Yürüyüş Takımları Yürüyüş Takımları

Steel Tracks
Komatsu undercarriage is developed and manufactured according to high quality requirements as defined in the Komatsu Engineering standards. This is what makes us better than the most of our competitors.

Komatsu offers sprockets in cast, single-piece or segmented styles. Both styles feature deep introduction hardened teeth made of silicone manganese steel for superior resistance to impact, heavy manufacturing and machining techniques insure perfect sprocket fit, alignment and interchangeability.

Track Shoes
With four styles to choose from – single grouser, triple grouser, offset and swamp shoe – there is an appropriate style designed for your particular working condition. Each shoe style is manufactured to specific steel specifications then heat-treated for maximum wear resistance.

Using sophisticated CAD system, Komatsu designs and manufactures its idlers to demanding specifications for smooth operating performance and extended wear life. Rail surface hardness of 52 to 60 HrC and case depth harness of 3 to 5 mm are typical, depending on the size of the idler. Komatsu idlers come complete with brackets and are factory lubricated and sealed.
Yürüyüş Takımları Yürüyüş Takımları

Track Links
Komatsu offers both , dry and lubricated track systems. Each features high-strength tempered manganese steel links, heat treated to the optimum degree and depth of hardness for extraordinary wear resistance. Both styles offer Komatsu's split master link design for easy servicing. The advantages of our lubricated track system are multiple. First, it seals in lubrication while sealing out contaminants. Secondly, it virtually eliminates internal pin and bushing wear as well as elongation of link pitch, which reduces sprocket tooth tip wear.
Yürüyüş Takımları Yürüyüş Takımları

Pins and bushing
Komatsu link pins and bushing are made of special composite steels which are surface, core and case deep heat treated for exceptional strength and wear resistance. Precision machining insures pins and bushings will perfectly match-up with individual links.

Komatsu rollers feature two-piece drop forged, deep heat-treated roller shelles with a rail surface hardness of 53 to 60 HrC and core hardness of 40 HrC where contact is made with hubs and bushings. Collars and hubs are made of cast iron and machined to the tightest specifications. Bushings have a steel outer shell to resist deformities and an antifriction inner brass liner. Shafts are induction hardened to 60 HrC and precision machined. They offer superior wear resistance and strength, generous lubrication capacity and floating seals to keep oil in and dirt out.

Komatsu produces the undercarriage parts which are used in Komatsu machines, in Komatsu factories. Yürüyüş Takımları
Original Filter
Engine Oil Filters Orijinal Filitre

Features and benefits
* Maximum contaminant removal capacity : 3 times more than a full synthetic filter
* Longer life : The stacked discs in the bypass section remove soot and sludge and allow the full flow filter to perform better and longer.
* Greater resistance to rupture : Much stronger multi-layer synthetic media compared to cellulose
* Better protection in cold engine starts
* More effective filtration : Decreased resistance to flow with new center tube Komatsu combination filtration provides maximum protection: up to 50% reduction in engine wear.

* Non-genuine filters may look similar on the outside, but there is no comparison on the inside.

Fuel Filters Orijinal Filitre

Common rail fuel injection systems (CRI) in Komatsu machines inhibit emissions of nitrogen oxides and suspended particles. The introduction of Tier III engines has required a further 40% reduction of nitrogen oxides compared to Tier II.

* Designed to provide superior performance with a micron rating of 5 or below.
* Equipped with a disposable cap over the clean side to ensure no fuel enters during the filter change.

Hydraulic Filters Orijinal Filitre

Komatsu hydraulic filters are designed to resist pressure peaks and provide the optimal filtration required by our machines. Our premium quality in hydraulic filtration is best represented by the Ecowhite filter, our compact element with 100% fibreglass media.

The benefits are outstanding :

* Longer exchange intervals: 1000 hours
* Lower service costs
* Superior filtration thanks to 100% fibreglass media
* Smaller element vs. conventional filters: environment friendly (less waste) and easy storage
* Easy change as the element is above the oil level in the tank

Orijinal Filitre
Komatsu Orijinal Motor Yağı Komatsu Orijinal Şanzıman/Dişli Yağı Komatsu Orijinal Hidrolik Yağı Komatsu Orijinal Ask Yağı Komatsu Soğutma Suyu

Komatsu lubricants are specifically formulated to protect heavy-duty equipment. Like our machines, our lubricants are engineered to the highest standards. Used as recommended, our premium quality lubricants help to reduce oil consumption, lower maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

Komatsu Genuine Diesel Engine Oil is a DH-1 class oil especially recommended for the new generation of Tier 3 engines requiring superior lubricating performance. Tier 3 regulations call for a 40% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) in off-road diesel engine emissions from construction equipment. NOx gases are invisible and regarded as carcinogens and green house gases. Our DH-1 oil has high thermal stability and outstanding detergent and dispersant properties. Thermal stability is the ability of a lubricant to resist oxidation under high temperature operating conditions.

Oxidation occurs when oxygen combines with the oil causing increased viscosity and deposit formation. Detergency and dispersancy are properties that keep soot and insoluble matter suspended in the oil, thus preventing deposits that are harmful to the engine operation. Using Komatsu Genuine Diesel Engine Oil results in better engine cleanliness, less component wear and the reduction of maintenance costs.
Komatsu Yağ

Komatsu Diesel Engine Oil reduces components wear, as well as oil and fuel consumption. It is designed for diesel engines using low sulfur fuels and it is especially recommended for the new generation of Tier 3 engines.


- Neutralizes acid level in engine thanks to high Total Base Number (TBN). Best fits climate and construction site conditions in Turkey.
- Optimum oil pressure extends engine life in tough construction conditions and increases resistance.
- Protects engine by reducing soot level and abrasion.
- Provides perfect cooling on turbocharger and pistons, reduces maintenance cost.
- Cleans combustion chamber and removes soot.
Komatsu Yağ

Komatsu Powertrain Oils deliver superior protection for transmissions, swing machinery, damper, steering case and final drives. They provide wear and heat resistance and extend transmission life.


- Superior thermal and oxidation-reduction features extend oil exchange period and reduce operation costs.
- Keeps system clean by decreasing soot and particle level.
- Excellent corrosion protection feature makes system better and efficient performance and reduces breakdowns on machine.
- Easy to pump and easy to filter.
- Protects and cleans pump and valve in all operation conditions.
- HO46-HM has the best coefficient of friction for brake system on hydraulic engine.
Komatsu Yağ

Komatsu Hydraulic Oil is designed for Komatsu hydraulic systems. It protects against wear in a wide range of climates, prevents rust and corrosion, and reduces foaming. It also has long life due to its excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.


- Prevents engine from friction and abrasion more effectively than oil that meets CD/TO-2 standards.
- Performs against harmful effects of combustion to not cause fracture.
- Reduces vibration and noise level on brake system.
- Provides extra protection on drive gear against abrasion and extends equipment life.
- Contains cleaner substance for rust and corrosion. Prevents gears from corrosion.
Komatsu Yağ

Komatsu Wet Brake Lubricant is specifically blended to ensure outstanding performance of multi disc clutches used in limited slip differential and in oil immerged disc brakes. It reduces wet brake chatter and it has excellent load carrying capacity.


- Axle Oil has the best high temperature resistance and friction coefficients for wet brake systems.
- Reduces noise level on wet brake system.
- Maximise brake performance.
- Resists against extreme heat on brake.
Komatsu Yağ

Komatsu Supercoolant AF-NAC provides high corrosion and cavitation protection. It is ethylene glycol based and environmentally friendly as it does not contain amine, borate and silicate. It is designed for cast iron engines and aluminum engines, and cooling systems made of aluminum or copper alloys.


- Superior Organic Acid Technology (OAT) cools radiator down by transferring heat perfectly.
- Provides perfect corrosion and mud protection.
- Prevents from both frost and high temperature, suitable for all weather conditions.
- Perfect protection characteristic reduces maintenance requirements on radiator, water pump and thermostat.
Komatsu Yağ
Kmax KVX Combi Wear

Click on the images to watch video

Features Of Tooth System


Kmax has an excellent size to strength ratio. Its smooth surfaces avoid the stress concentrations common in other systems. The adapter nose is computer designed for maximum resistance to shock loads. Thanks to these features, Kmax is both very slim and very strong.

Kmax has a unique sharp system profile. The slim teeth extend well beyond the bucket edge, while the adapters have a rounded shape. And the join between the tooth and adapter is very smooth. Together, these features ensure the teeth penetrate easily and material flows smoothly in and out ofthe bucket.

Kmax features a unique, easy-to-use fastener that guarantees secure locking. No more heavy hammer blows, it can be removed from the adapter hole with a simple tap and inserted by hand. The lock is firmly secured by a device similar to a door latch. Safe to use, the lock lets you change teeth quickly and easily - saving time and money.

Structure Of Tooth

Smooth transitions keep stress loads low.

The tooth is fully stabilized on the adapter nose.

The steel lock can take extreme loads. The horizontal lock cavity reduces stress on the adapter nose.

Tooth Types

Heavy Duty (Excavator)

Heavy duty tooth shape with additional wear material for abrasive, tough digging conditions.Profile wears sharp for penetration. The system is designed to allow for the flipping of the teeth.Sometimes working conditions cause unbalanced wear.

A reversible system can extend the life of your G.E.T. İn these applications.
General Purpose (Excavator)

General purpose shape with ribs for support. Profile wears sharp for penetration. The system is designed to allow for the flipping of the teeth. Sometimes working conditions cause unbalanced wear. A reversible system can extend the life of your G.E.T. İn these applications.
Heavy Duty (Loader)

Heavy duty penetration tooth for loader applications. Non-centerline profile with heavy flat bottom for abrasive applications. Center rib provides strenght and promotes sharpness.

Adaptor Types

The 1-1/2 leg adapter is used on excavators and medium to large loaders. It provides maximum strength.
The flush mount adapter is used on small to medium loaders and some excavators. It provides a fl ush cut underneath the bucket.

Installation and removal of Tooth

Changing tooth on bucket takes 1-2 minutes. Diğer pimli tırnakları değiştirmek oldukça uzun sürer ve bu pimler genelde kırılarak yerinden çıkar.

Locking System

Installation and removal of the lock

  • Using the correct size socket, rotate the pin-locking shaft 90° clockwise to finish the installation.
  • No more heavy hammer blows
  • No need to replace pin before 4-5 times tooth replacement
Always Sharp

There are 8 times difference between them

Strong and high penetration ability
If one side of these teeth are weared too much then they can be used again after rotation

Hardness of the tooth

KMAX teeth are heat-treated to critical standards to ensure the teeth meet specifications both on the surface as well as at the core of the product.

Tooth Consumption

Applicable Machines

For Excavators > PC150 - PC1250 For Loaders > WA250 - WA900
%50 wear on teeth Example for KMax application

How to calculate adaptors

For Excavators

Divide Inside bucket width by 3 times adaptor width and add 1,25. Round the result down. For example, round 8,77 down 8.

For Loaders

Divide Inside bucket width by 3,6 times adaptor width and add 1,25. Round the result down. For example, round 8,77 down 8.

Example for KMax application

Kmax types recommended for hydraulic excavators

Type Standart/Heavy Duty Heavy Duty
34,500 47,700 25,875 35,775
47,700 64,800 35,775 48,600
64,800 87,800 48,600 65,850
87,800 117,200 65,850 87,900
117,200 148,300 87,900 111,225
148,300 195,400 111,225 146,550
195,400 262,600 146,550 196,950

Up to operating weight (lbs)

Tests With Kmax Tooth

Komatsu KVX GET Solutions

KVX has gained worldwide recognition for its highly wear resistant bolt-on ground engaging tool system for earth moving machines. In recent years, KVX has also developed a highly attractive range of products for excavators, wheel loaders and mining machines.

Plate is welded on bucket directly. Teeth are mounted on plate by means of unique bolt system ( KVX Bolt-On Technology ). Bolts are screwed tightly. There is no need adapter on KVX Bolt-On Technology, and it provides more useable wear material.

After use as a GET component, shrouds, adapters & teeth are discarded as scrap (often more than 50% "throw-away"). In contrast, KVX's "flat" GET components are re-used as wear & impact liners elsewhere in the mining operation, saving you money on alternative wear products. KVX system has excellent protection for underside of lip & bucket.

KVX system is compatible with all loader and excavator brands. Well known Sagitta Steel has highest hardness and resistance in the World. Sagitta Steel has unique formula and hardness process. All KVX products are manufactured in high forging and casting technology and designed for high performance.


1. Long bucket,plate and tooth life
2. High resistance to severe impact
3. Less risk of significant repair and downtime
4. Maximum bucket protection
5. No welding and maintanence
6. Better penetration & roductivity

KVX system is installed excavators between 1-300 tonnes and loaders between 6-300 tonnes. KVX system has wide product range.

KVX system for Loaders

KVX system for Excavators

A :

COMBI parts offer two types of locking devices, C-lock andSlag-Lock.
The Slag-Lock is recommended in applications where the temperature is constantly above 80°C (176°F), otherwise C-Lock is recommended.


The top mounted A1 adapter is a good choice when a simple solution without shrouds or segments is called for. It ismost suitably applied when both wearand impact force are moderate. A smooth bucket underside is the result when it isused in combination with T1, T3 or T29 teeth. The A8L adapter anchorage is strongon both the upper and lower sides of the cutting edge. This makes it suitable for tough conditions and it is always used incombination with shrouds or segments.The bolted mounting of the BA and BAC adapters makes them easy to exchange.They are best used in applications with moderate impact forces.


Versatile, top mounted adapter designed for use in general conditions whenever a smooth surface is required. Can in some cases also be used with excavators. General recommendation regarding edge thickness is 30-40 mm. However, tooth type T48 makes it possible to increase the edge thickness with up 10 mm.


A 1 1/2 top leg adapter. Designed for both general and tough loading in different types of ground conditions. Can in some cases also be used with excavators.


Both general and highly abrasive environments. This all-round tooth is popular for its excellent penetration. Can in some cases also be used with excavators.


Outstanding wear resistance combined with a high level of penetration. This tooth provides extra protection for the lower part of the adapter and is ideal where ground conditions are highly abrasive.


- The COMBI system is the market leader in wear ratio – longer tooth life reduces downtime.
- Uses high-strength, lowprofile components-weight savings increase efficiency.
- Has a wide range of adapters and teeth - maximum versatility and optimum penetration.
- Offers a large choice of shroud combinations - prolonged bucket life reduces costs.
- is a total solution – puts both the user and the environment in focus.
- Comes with a warranty against breakage and tooth loss.
- C-lock quick, secure, userfriendly and shielded from external impact.
- Tırnak ve adaptörler birbirlerine sıkıca bağlanırlar ve oynama yapmazlar.
- Special, self-sharpening tooth a wear ratio of up to 70%!
- Patented protection teeth worn through from the underside remain firmly in place.
- Tooth protects the adapter superior service life.
- Very robust, low profile adapter optimum strength and effiency.

One of the leading companies of its sector since 1986, Temsa J.S.C. manufactures buckets for WA 250, 320, 380, 430, 470, 500, 600 wheeled loaders and PC 200, 220, 270, 300, 350, 400, 450, 600, 800 excavators. At its Adana bucket production facilities, without making concession to quality, by the help of the experience and superior know-how gained through long years of studies. The work is delivering correct solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. The aim is manufacturing and exporting best quality buckets by prioritizing customer satisfaction.